10 Patterns Every Gentleman Should Know About
10 Patterns Every Gentleman Should Know About

10 Patterns Every Gentleman Should Know About



Paisley is one of those patterns that has been fashionable for centuries. In the West, this happened, especially after the 1960s and 1970s. We have been seeing top brands like Burberry, Saint Laurent, and Gucci adopting Paisley.

Paisley is mostly used in jacket and suit linings as well as on ties and pocket squares.





When you want to cause a good impression, nothing like the Herringbone pattern. This pattern tends to look at its best for cold weather casual pants and jackets and is trademarked by up and down chevrons. 




Hailing from Scotland, the Houndstooth is a passion for Brunello Cucinelli, Hardy Amies, Lanvin, and Sherlock Holmes.
If you look at the pattern closely, you’ll see that it is made up of broken checks that are, traditionally, in black or white. The Houndstooth will look particularly well on suits for special occasions as well as on bold jackets. When you wear this pattern, you’re making a clear affirmation about yourself.





Who could ever think about plaid as an amazing pattern that every gentleman should know about? After being used for school uniforms, tablecloths, and picnic blankets, plaid is simply one of the most popular patterns for all seasons. Tartan and Buffalo plaid are common in the winter and fall and all other types of plaid are worn in all seasons!






Pinstripes are a more traditional pattern. Yet, it remains as beautiful and fashionable as always. Featuring some crisp and narrow lines that run in parallel, this is the perfect pattern for any business. It gives you a casual but distinct look and you can be sure people will remember you. After all, it’s not by chance that Suitsupply and Hackett, just to provide you with a couple of examples, continue to use it.





The Polka Dot pattern is a classic. They can vary in size but they remain as one of the most striking and eye-catching patterns. From the more discreet to the more extravagant, you have plenty of Polka Dots to choose from, depending on your personal preferences. The best items to use the Polka Dot pattern are shirts, ties, scarves, jackets, and even as evening wear. 






The Floral pattern is not particularly easy to wear. And one of the main secrets to looking just perfect is using layers.
If you’re like most people, you still believe that the Floral pattern is just for summer. However, designers have been incorporating it in the different seasons and it just looks amazing. The only thing you need to care about when you go for a floral pattern is to think about the colors. In case it’s autumn or winter, make sure to avoid some bright look. Instead, opt for dark browns, grays, navy blues, and purples.




The Bird’s Eye is an incredibly soft, absorbent, and lightweight fabric. It’s the perfect combination between linen and cotton.

Bird’s Eye is the perfect pattern to wear when you’re looking to add some texture and depth to a suit or shirt. Just try to wear it in a cocktail suit and you’ll see how it is to get noticed.




There’s no doubt that the Sharkskin is a legendary pattern, especially in suits. Think about executives, Mad Men, and lawyers. And you’ll see they all have something in common: the Sharkskin.
When you do it right, you’ll look classy and sophisticated.






The Nailhead is very similar to the Bird’s Eye pattern because they are both incredibly fun. The Nailhead includes some little dots on a darker background.

The Nailhead is incredibly simple and this is what makes this pattern so versatile. You can wear it in almost all occasions as well as you match them with the right colors. There’s only one situation where you should avoid the Nailhead: when it’s the formal dress code.


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